My Richard Diaz artwork portfolio

Galleries #1-8

Gallery 1: Syncopation Propels the Image

Works who's dynamic palatte, compositions and subjects visually echo the energetic cadence of music from which they are inspired, including influences from Latin, Jazz, Blues and Classical music genres

Gallery 2: Life's A Beach

Vignettes of summer in the city, where New York City's shore front is the place to go to cool off, take a swim or get a tan

Gallery 3: Urban Scene

Depicts instances evocative of the varying rythms and moods that comprise New York City's colorful pulse

Gallery 4 : Subterranean Ways

Transitional moments in New York's loud and fast paced public train system. Momentary times of calm and stil lost in the energetic commuter shuffle

Gallery 5: Subterranean Ways

Drawing studies capturing portraits of New York subway riders, employing line work to convey the basic essences of people and emotions observed

Gallery 6: Figural Analogies

Paintings with a mix of vibrant colors, geometric shapes, planes and line work, to convey imagery of the human form, engage and invite viewers to interpret works based on their unique set of cultural traits and perspectives

Gallery 7: Figural Analogies

Sculptures that present the human form in a less literal and conceptual way, relying on fundamental forms contained by subjects, as well as the juxtaposing of organic and geometric shapes with varying surface textures to reveal elements of dymamic tension within figures

Gallery 8: Figural Analogies

Drawings ranging from simple line work to more detailed color sketches, as exploratory excercises for the development of future art works.

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