About Richard Diaz

MY ARTMAKING WHY: Creating visual art works is my process of meaning making. Through various media, I capture and reconstruct as visual artifacts what the eyes and mind sometimes overlook or leaves behind during the pace of urban life. My practice is one of a Visual Griot, chronicling the human condition and varied experiences. .

VISION: Spark conversation and imagination to explore, recoup, and re-imagine indigenous people's modes of art/meaning making in contemporary society to facilitate decolonization and foster unity.


Create space for multifaceted views and narratives, to awaken or deepen empathy, and bridge cultural connections between people.


Develop works in the modality of call and response, that is the interplay of events, environments, and particular qualities of a media form to tell a cultural narrative.


The communications holism of indigenous people in the past and present, and particularly the use of simple shapes and abstract forms to construct visual narratives.


  • Sculpture
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Multi-media
  • Teaching